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Scott Residence . Dallas, TX 

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Why use Envision Natural Stone Design?

Envision Stone Design is one of the very few fully customizable fabricators in DFW. Vein matching and pattern flow is a key factor when aiming to achieve a luxurious and high end finish; Stone Slabs with with heavy veins, patterns and color variation are especially complex to work with, that's why at Envision Stone you are assigned a project manager that will work with you to layout your kitchen countertop pieces on your exact slab and provide multiple digital birds-eye view options of what your countertop will look like prior to fabrication and installation. This ensures there are no design surprises that may de-value your total home aesthetic.

Smith Residence . Dallas, TX

Our top priority and responsibility is to give you the best final product available in the market. 


Granite Waterfall

Envision Stone Design

Marble Waterfall Countertops
Marble Countertops

Envision Stone Design was amazing! I walked in not knowing anything about stones or what was best for my needs and they helped my step by step! loved the customer service and dedication they gave me. Highly recommended!

Mitzi Karo

We absolutely love our quartzite countertops, incredible quality, great pricing, phenomenal customer experience! Highly recommend to anyone looking.

Thomas Corr

After spending hours calling around to get Marble Countertops and no one would do it, Envision Stone did an awesome job walking me through everything and installing the marble countertops I wanted!

Aubrey Armstrong

  • How long does it take to complete my project?
    We strive for the shortest lead times possible. Our lead times fluctuate due to volumes. The holiday season and spring are typically busier and could have longer lead times. Contact us for an updated lead time.
  • How thick should my countertop be?
    Most Quartz and Natural Stone countertops are 3cm thick and is the most popular thickness in Texas. 2cm and 1cm may be available and could be a great option depending on the area a slab will be installed, contact us to get specific advice for your project!
  • Will there be a seam on my countertop?
    Most kitchens will have a seam due to material and handling limitations. Our project managers work very hard to line up veining and movement within the material you have chosen while keeping the waste factor as low as possible. Envision Stone Design will provide a countertop layout prior for approval prior to slab production where you can see the seam placement and a birds eye view of your slab.
  • How much overhang can I have on my island before I need support?
    A good rule of thumb is that 1/3 of the width of the countertop can be unsupported with a maximum unsupported overhang of 14" on quartz and 12" for granite and Quartzite. We offer support brackets when needed at an affordable cost.

Special Deal!

Only one slab available, first come first serve. Fabrication and Install have to be purchased separate to qualify for slab special pricing. Please contact us for availability.

Mont Blanc Quartzite
Quartz Countertops

Mont Blanc Quartzite - $2,200

Venatino Jumbo Quartz - $1,650


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Envision Stone Designs

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Monday-Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday-Sunday: By appointment Only

Our shop is located near Downtown Dallas, due to strong chemicals present during the cutting/fabrication of engineered slabs our shop is not open to the public without an appointment to view stocked slabs or select remnants. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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