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Can You Envision It?

When it comes to selecting a stone for your Dream countertops it is not a one stone fits all kind of situation. Throughout our years of experience we found that over time one thing has stayed the same, you have a life, SHOCKER! Unless you are a Stone Nerd like us, it can be very time consuming and overwhelming to research every single stone's durability & maintenance, combined with sorting through multiple stone distributor websites to find the ideal colors, veins, and movement that matches your vision with no true guide as to how much the project truly costs until after you've spent hours, days or weeks searching; After all it is like shopping for a diamond.

Before we begin to elevate your home with Natural Stone or Quartz, we want you to feel confident in your selection, not just today or tomorrow but years to come. Each Stone is unique from colors, veins, and movement to durability, maintenance and price; At Envision Stone Design we want to meet all of your goals and to do so we have to play stone match-maker. This is why we created a short quiz that your project manager will use as a basis to narrow down the options and be your true guide and educator.

Your Perfect Stone is just a few clicks away..

To take the quiz, please take the time to fill out the information below.

*Please note we are located in Dallas, TX*

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